Captains’ Charity for 2021

We are both delighted to let you know that our charity is

Diabetes UK Logo!

Davenport Captains 2021!

Danvenport 2021 Captains Pete Crosby and Linda Paybody have nominated Diabetes UK as their charity.

What is diabetes?

As the year progresses we will let you know more about this serious condition.

For now, here’s a brief description. There are two types of Diabetes.

Type 1 – your body can’t make the insulin you need. There is no known cure for Type 1 diabetes. Everyone with Type 1 needs to take insulin via injection or a pump.

Type 2 – the insulin you do make doesn’t work properly. It can be managed through healthier eating, being more active, losing weight or, in some cases, medication.

In both types, glucose builds up in your bloodstream leading to high blood sugar levels which can have many complications including damage to heart, eyes, feet and kidneys.

Why have we chosen Diabetes UK?

More people than ever have diabetes. If nothing changes, more than five
million people will have diabetes in the UK by 2025. It affects children,
teenagers, families and adults; golfers too.

Peter’s messageHaving suffered from diabetes from an early age and taking into account the increasing number of families who are affected by this challenging condition, I know that Diabetes UK would really benefit from our support at the golf club!

Your donations and fund raising will help Diabetes UK to:

• Improve diabetes care,
• Support people to manage their diabetes,
• Increase spending on diabetes research,
• Fight for a world where diabetes can do no harm.

What can you look forward to?

Recipe Collection – Our first initiative is a collection of members’ favourite simple recipes handed down/altered over the years.

Peter’s Pond and Linda’s Lake

We’ve decided to place the water on the course at the heart of the donations.

Linda says – the message is:

If you splash, please give us your cash!

You are cordially invited to make a donation if your ball lands in Peter’s Pond on the 9th Hole or Linda’s Lake on the 17th/18th Hole.

Splash and give cash1

Weight Loss Challenge – Do you want to lose weight?

Phil Housley, Club Secretary, and Danuta Silva, Lady Vice Captain have organised a Weight Loss Challenge.

They want an incentive to lose some weight and maybe you do too!

If so, please join them in this Weight Loss Challenge and become a
‘new you’.

To obtain details of this challenge please contact Phil or Danuta

There are other events to support Diabetes UK in the pipeline

You can donate via our Just Giving Page here

Alternatively you can donate to our charity by making a bank transfer to:
* Bank: RBS
* Account Name: Davenport Golf Club
* Account No: 10011148
* Sort Code: 16 28 23
* Reference: Captains’ Charity