Who's Who at Davenport Golf Club

Position Person
President Allan Burck email - President@davenportgolf.co.uk
Captain Richard Jackson email - Captain@davenportgolf.co.uk
Lady Captain Danuta Silva email - LadyCaptain@davenportgolf.co.uk
Vice Captain Bob McGowan
Lady Vice Captain Olwen Sandiford
Club Secretary Phil Housley email - Secretary@davenportgolf.co.uk
Club Professional Tony Stevens
Clubhouse Manager Fraser Weston
Course Manager Paul Thornhill 
Admin Staff Beverly Lowther email - admin@davenportgolf.co.uk
Admin Staff Sara Lomas email - admin@davenportgolf.co.uk
Club Council  
Chair Rod Powell email - Chair@davenportgolf.co.uk
  Iain Faulkner email - Sales@davenportgolf.co.uk
  Mike Jones email - Operations@davenportgolf.co.uk
  David Powell email - Finance@davenportgolf.co.uk
  Paul Robinson email - Golf@davenportgolf.co.uk
  Phil Enstone email - Healthandsafety@davenportgolf.co.uk
  Phil Housley email - Chairofgreens@davenportgolf.co.uk
Chair David Powell
Secretary Trevor Mottershaw
  Christine Worrall
  Richard Jackson
  Bob McGowan
Sales and Marketing  
Chair Iain Faulkner
  Adrian Luther
  Tony Stevens
Greens Committee  
Chair Phil Housley
  Paul Thornhill
  Gareth Dodds
  Shirley Luther
  Andy Milne
  Tony Stevens
Chair Mike Jones
Golf Committee  
Chair Paul Robinson
  Andy Milne
  Liz Pell
  Lynda Jones
  Lynn Triggs
  Tony Stevens
  Steve Rowton
Health and Safety  
Chair Phil Enstone 
  Stuart Law
  Fraser Weston
  Phil Housley
Ladies Committee  
Lady Captain Danuta Silva
Lady vice Captain Olwen Sandiford
Secretary Gill Critchley
Treasurer Christine Worrall
Handicaps Sec Liz Pell
Asst Handicap Sec Lynn Triggs
Competitions Sec Judith Sweeney
Match Sec Shirley Luther
Charity Committee  
Chair Bob McGowan
  Richard Jackson
  Danuta Silva
  Olwen Sandiford
  Jill Carswell
Juniors Committee  
Chair Allan Burck
  Christine Thwaites
  Jamie Howarth